If you have any questions about the information below, please contact us.  Also let us know if you need to make alternate arrangements for tuition payments (some bursary assistance is available). 

If you choose to make your payment by cheque, please make all post-dated cheques payable to the:

Lions Gate Sinfonia Society 
PO Box 852 - 1641 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancouver BC V7M 2J5

Step 1

Lions Gate Youth Orchestra Code of Conduct

All students over the age of 13 & parents or guardians are required to read & sign the Code of Conduct. Please complete the form once for each student or parent.

When you sign the Code of Conduct you are also confirming your contact information with us. Should your contact information change during the year, please re-sign the Code of Conduct to update our records. 

  1. We’re ready and able to perform to the highest standard of excellence at every performance.
  2. We’re committed. We show up on time and we give it all we have - at performances, at rehearsals and community events.
  3. We treat everyone with consideration and respect, including conductors, coaches, professional musicians, youth orchestra members and parents, and other performers, organizers and audiences.
  4. We’re a team. We work together and put a priority on the objectives of the group.
  5. We support each other. We’re proud to be diverse in our backgrounds, our personalities and our ages. We know that we all have different needs and abilities. We mentor one another and we’re inclusive, on stage and off. We watch out for everyone’s safety and well-being.

Step 2


Senior Youth Tuition

Option 1 - Full payment - $100 deposit at the time of registration and a one-time payment of $600 payable Sept 1st

Option 2 - Quarterly payments- $100 deposit at the time of registration and a $150 installation payable Sept 1, Dec 1 Feb 1 and April 1

Option 3 - 10 Monthly payments- $100 deposit at the time of registration and a $60 installation payable Sept 1st to June 1st (post-dated cheques only - not available by online payment)


Senior Youth Tuition Full Payment
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Senior Youth Fall Retreat- 2017/18
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