Leadership / Teamwork / Mentorship / Performance

Students must accept the responsibility of leadership in a manner that best represents their abilities. Even in collaboration, leadership is required to not only maintain focus but to apply goals and evaluate performance. Leadership is coached from the beginning of the program asking students to set their own example for their own expectations and further in leading group efforts throughout the program. This process is encouraged to take place organically, and then they are coached to push themselves towards their own goals.

Leadership / Teamwork / Mentorship / Performance

A foundation to success in any group endeavour, our students learn the responsibility of working together. They are encouraged to seek help and offer it when called for. The diverse nature of the students ensures that each will have something to contribute to the overall success of the program.

Teamwork is critical to a successful production, roles are set by the students and they are coached through decision making to ensure everyone reaches their potential. We encourage students to fill their lives with many experiences. Most students participate in other musical outlets, school programs and sports, and all bring their unique experiences back to the group. 

Leadership / Teamwork / Mentorship / Performance

Lions Gate Youth Orchestra takes a comprehensive approach to orchestral training. The program is led by the Music Director of our professional Lions Gate Sinfonia, Clyde Mitchell, and features coaching from our professional orchestra musicians, traditional full-orchestra and sectional rehearsals, and unique sessions on the non-musical aspects of performance. The goals of the program include the process as well as the performance, with an emphasis on collaborative learning and peer mentorship. 

A key component to our program is focused on mentorship. Our unique relationship with our professional orchestra, Lions Gate Sinfonia, allows students access to these musicians during our annual Side By Side performances. Each of these Side By Side concerts allows the students to be matched to a professional musician for coaching during the rehearsal process in preparation for a live audience. This close one to one relationship provides invaluable learning opportunities for students to learn beyond the music. 

Leadership / Teamwork / Mentorship / Performance

Students receive several opportunities to appear in professionally produced performances throughout the year. This real world opportunity brings together everything they have learned and takes it to the stage. We focus at these moments on coaching them through the music, but also what is required as professional musicians to work together in front of an audience.

In performance, we employ a variety of skills, taking the training and rehearsal efforts and transforming them into a live artistic experience. As part of the process, students learn about the many facets of making a production successful, from technical planning to managing the backstage and front-of-house. They are encouraged to take the initiative in shaping content for performance, understanding their venue, marketing the event, and finally performing.